Addiction and Change – Part 2

(The following is a continuation of this post.) Addiction and the Fall The question then arises, “If God created mankind with legitimate needs which when met, provide a pleasurable experience, then how could satisfying those needs become destructive or pathological (i.e. addictive)?” A related question would be, “Are all addictions bad things?” The answer to … More Addiction and Change – Part 2

Is Pornography Addictive?

This linked news report gives some insight to the above question. Here at Seven Branches Counseling, we are happy to help you with your sexual addiction and any resultant issues that may be affecting your marriage and family. Restorations Therapy Center is a Denver-Metro area practice that specializes in treatment of sexual addiction issues.

13 Reasons Why

There is much being said and written about this popular Netflix series. Some examples include this article on USA Today written by an 18-year old high school girl and this one from Psychology Today website, and I thought it appropriate to write a few things about it here as well. Yes, I did watch the series … More 13 Reasons Why

Location, Hours, Payments

Excited to announce that I can begin seeing clients at Hope Crossing Church at 3000 S. Wadsworth Blvd. My current hours are primarily Friday evenings (5-8) and Saturday (7am-8pm). I am available at other times upon request. I am also accepting debit card payments including most HSA cards.