Counseling was a great way to help repair our relationship. Lots of trust came back and we are more prepared for the future ~ J. & A. (2021)

In 2012, my husband and the love of my life, committed suicide. The journey leading up to that and afterwards was the most painful and faith-building time of my life. I was struggling with confusion, the lack of resolution, guilt and a broken shredded heart, and Shawn agreed to provide counseling for me at the church. Shawn’s way of drawing you out without judging, sharing a part of himself in the process, and always pointing to God and His Word makes a person feel safe and comfortable and willing to disclose your most intimate feelings. The Bible promises God will make “beauty from ashes,” and Shawn was a tool used by God to do just that in my life.
~ T.

I always believed that Shawn genuinely cared about me. He pushed me to reach higher and look for ways to serve others. When I shared what I saw as someone else’s problem, Shawn asked me what I was doing to fix the problem! That simple but powerful reminder to simply take action has changed how I interact with those around me. I am a better person today and my family is a better family today because of Shawn.
~ B.

In our pre-marriage counseling Shawn carefully discussed various aspects of the marriage relationship with us so that we would know each other more deeply and understand how to face trials of every-day married life. Shawn covered Biblical beliefs, finances, communication, intimacy, and other topics. We so much appreciate that Shawn did not rush though his counsel, but spent countless hours praying with us and guiding us in order to prepare us for such a life altering commitment.
~ B. & R.