My fee for one hour (50 minutes) of individual psychotherapy or counseling, supervision, and consultation services is $130. 
The fee for couples (marriage/pre-marriage) counseling is $180 per 1.5-hour unit (80 minutes). 
Introductory (intake) sessions are billed at a rate of $130 for one hour (50 minutes). 
Full-Time College Students are eligible for reduced-rate sessions of $100 per hour.
* Note: I do offer discounted services for former members of the United States Military, Denver metro area first responders, and their immediate family. Additionally, I offer discounted services based upon income.

Every client receiving services shall be responsible for the full payment of those services.  I expect clients to make a payment at each session, or upon receipt of a bill, which is mailed on a monthly basis.  Payment for your session should be made directly to Seven Branches Counseling.

Counseling provided as part of the mental health benefit the Crime Victim Compensation Board will be billed to the appropriate agency at that agency’s maximum rate. 

Fees associated with assessments will be disclosed prior to administration and must be paid in advance of the order of the assessment. My fee for any time utilized in a forensic situation is $250 per 1-hour unit.  Please note however, under most circumstances, even with client consent, it is usually inappropriate for a therapist to become involved in a client’s legal case.  This is because engaging in dual roles, as therapist/witness, may be potentially harmful to clients.

If at any time you find there are any problems regarding fee payment, or you need to make arrangements for a payment plan, I will be glad to speak to you regarding your concern. Counseling provided as part of the mental health benefit the Crime Victim Compensation Board will be billed to the appropriate agency.  

There may be circumstances under which I may bill you for my time outside your actual therapy sessions, such as:  consultation time between me and other health care professionals, telephone consultations to you, special reports and court evaluation, or communication with your insurance company for prior authorizations for further therapy sessions.

INSURANCE – My payment policy is fee-for-service only. Regretfully, I do not accept payment directly from insurance companies and therefore I am not on any managed care or preferred provider plans. However, my services may be reimbursable and I will provide you with a monthly statement that you may submit to your insurance to obtain out-of-network reimbursement. It is up to you to find out the reimbursement policies of your insurance provider. Insurance companies sometimes require a formal diagnosis with their claims. Diagnoses are technical terms that describe the nature of your problems and whether they are short-term or long-term problems. All diagnoses come from a book entitled the DSM-5-TR. I have a copy of the DSM-5-TR and I will be glad to let you see it to learn more about your diagnosis, if applicable.

MEDICAID RECIPIENTS – I am not a Medicaid provider and therefore cannot provide treatment to Medicaid recipients, regardless of your method of payment.