Counseling Provides Tools

We’re in the midst of a significant snowstorm today in Denver. The wind is blowing, the snow is swirling and it is a balmy 30 degrees. While the weather is not yet conducive to shoveling, it is pretty good for a snowball fight. I love the snow so I ventured out with the 5 teens and two German Shepherds for a battle.

Tool for the Storm

I have great confidence going into such a storm because I have great tools (equipment) to help me function in the storm. I donned my boots, Gore-Tex gloves, jacket and pants and went outside. After 30 minutes of fort building and tossing snowballs I went back inside. I was able to stay warm and dry because of my outer layers, my “tools”.

Life holds a variety of storms and difficulties for each of us. Sometimes we struggle in those difficulties because we lack the tools or resources to handle them in a healthy manner. Other times we simply hunker down or hole up in an effort to avoid difficulties all together. A primary benefit of seeing a counselor is to gain some tools or be introduced to resources that can help you effectively navigate the inevitable storms of life.

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